Endymion Equine Sculptures Bronze Horse Sculptures


Jean Carlisle Williard

Education: PhD in Developmental Psychology

Training: Self-taught

Background: I have always loved horses.  I was drawing them before I could write. My mother who painted portraits however, discouraged me from pursuing a career in art. She would tell me you can't be good, you have to be great. So, I focused on academics and eventually received a doctorate in Developmental Psychology ,teaching as adjunct professor and working privately with young children with developmental and behavioral problems.  Growing up we could not afford a horse... however, after finishing graduate school my parents rewarded me with a check.   Asking if I was going to buy a car or put down a down payment on a house, I responded, "I'm buying a horse!" 
For the next 20 years raising and riding my own horses was my passion.Years later my mother, who was suffering from moderate stage Alzheimer's came to live with me.  The care required resulted in me deciding to retire professionally.  After my mother passed I was a bit lost. My daughter (who is very talented in graphic art) suggested we take an art course together.  I also enrolled to take a sculpting class.  It was love a first sight.  But before long ceramic clay did not meet my demands (gravity was my enemy) and I moved to oil based clay.  I was so delighted to have rediscovered myself at this stage of my life.  I hope I can share this enthusiasm and love for horses with you. I have now won juried shows and currently have sculptures in the Wellington Town Center and The Lighthouse Gallery.